Who are you?  Who put this together?

Daniel Hunter pulled together a team of activists, radical healers, and elders to generate this list — initially sparked by a conversation with Lunden Abelson.

We were motivated to do this by the number of people we saw in bad psychological shape. In order to move into campaigns that take the offense (as opposed to merely reactionary protests), people need to have a sense of grounding and center. You cannot build for the future, when you’re only stuck defending.

It’s been a team effort: Shreya Shah designed the beautiful artwork, Kaytee Ray-Riek assisted with social media outreach, Matthew Anderson designed the website, and Pamela Haines wrote text and copy-edited.

Can I send this list to our membership, or publish on my website, or send to my own friends?

Yes, we want this shared.  Please share the list in unedited form.  If you want to customize it, please contact us.  Please link back to this website: www.findingsteadyground.com

Examples of how this has been shared:

What will you do with my e-mails?

We want to support you in your commitments. Therefore, we will send occasional messages with encouragement, reminders, and supportive thoughts.

Your e-mail will not be shared with any other groups and you can remove yourself at anytime.

Can I donate to help this project?

Sure, but only a small tip. If you want to leave a small tip , we’d accept it (but please keep in mind there are lots of groups with pressing urgency!). Give a tip.

How can I contact you?

For questions, media inquiries, and more, please contact us here.