Behavior #3. I will pray, meditate, or reflect on those I know who are being impacted by oppressive policies, and extend that love to all who may be suffering.

You may already have a practice that sustains you. Or this may be new. Either way, we’ve gathered a few meditations, prayers, and reflections from people of a variety of backgrounds. We hope you explore these writings and find a bit that nurtures your heart.


Imam Steve Mustapha Elturk

Lane Ayre, Process Work

Guided Reflection
Reflect on how you are impacted by oppressive policies, and by the politics of our time. Notice whatever thoughts may arise, including thoughts about what you can or should do about the situation. Now notice whatever emotions may be present, including perhaps hurt, anger, grief, loss, frustration, or hopelessness. (Read More…)

Rhetta Morgan, Pagan Mystic

Prayer for Now
I am breathing in the mystery of the universeMay I remember, when my heart breaks
Great Beingness of all
May I remember your endless love
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Rabbi Julie Greenberg
Chesed/Kindness Practice
Imagine a specific moment when you were treated kindly in the past. It could be an instance with someone you know well or an instance with a complete stranger such as a driver giving you unexpected right-of-way. Let this Chesed/kindness infuse into your body, spreading from behind you through every vein, muscle and limb. Let the kindness deeply soak into yourself. (Read More…)

Imam Steve Mustapha Elturk
Reflection and Prayer
In the name of God, the most Compassionate, Ever Merciful
In times of distress, suffering, agony and pain, God reassures,
He is with you where ever you are.” (Quran, 57:4)
The many unpleasant experiences of life, be it fear, hunger, poverty, ailments, death, turmoil among other events of life, are but a test.
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Reverend Ken Sehested
Prayers While Throwing Stuff
We each pray for different
reasons in different seasons,
too often steady-headed,
manners-minded, when
indelicacy is now needed
—prayers while throwing
stuff against the wall—
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Liza Smith
I Can Hold the Human Family in My Heart With Kindness
I can hold the human family in my heart with kindness. Because we are such a diverse culture it is very easy to see the differences between people. Kindness undercuts that. (Read More, including a companion meditation)